SEPHORA copies indie brands again

Dear Sephora,


Your customers are in danger.


Yesterday, we came across another shocking review on your website. By now it’s clear that you don’t plan to address or fix this issue with your Facial Cooling Globes, which leaves us no choice but to address it ourselves.


Great things take time.


When we first started Fraîcher Ice Globes in 2018, it took us almost an entire year to finalize our first globes. Our priority was to create a safe, quality product that we could be proud of. Why are we telling you this, Sephora?


Because just over a year after we launched Fraîcher Ice Globes, you released your version of Facial Cooling Globes. While visually similar, there’s a major flaw in your product that exposes your customers to danger.


Putting profits before people


Sephora has enough funds to produce high-quality products, however, they decided not to.

This flaw (poor product quality) is a symptom of a greater disease; your focus on profits over people. It’s a result of rushing to release products that will improve your bottom-line without undergoing the hard work, long days, sleepless nights, and sacrifice small business owners endure in making their products perfect.





Quality  matters


Our company carefully picks materials for all our ice globes and invest in quality. We offer 8 different colors of the ice globes and we can assure that our ice globes can be stored in the freezer as long as customer needs and they won't shatter as cheap knock offs.

We are not a multibillion corporation, all our products are hand made and we don't produce them for masses.




And finally, here’s our trade secret


Knocking-off products didn’t work out for you in the past and is clearly not working now. Instead, why not try reaching out to the small business owners who already put the time and work into perfecting their products. We’d bet that more often than not they’d be thrilled of the idea of working together.


All reviews with photos you could find here, on official Sephora's page: HERE.


-- The Fraîcher  Ice Globes Team