Fraicheur was founded in 2018 by 3 French beauticians, who recognized the need for women to be able to access professional quality beauty products, that are non-invasive yet bring a new level of performance to the current standard.

With a strong background in beauty and cosmetics the founders - and the heart and expertise of the brand - work closely to refine each product with meticulous craftsmanship.

As a team they are constantly innovating to pioneer luxurious beauty tools that deliver a flawless professional quality experience with maximum results.

Fraicheur believes that beauty is a routine and practise that every women should take joy and pleasure in; leaving them feeling liberated with an effortless confidence.


Fraicheur, the french word for “freshness” is dedicated to providing innovative, non-invasive, luxurious beauty products that liberate women.

Distinguished by a refined feminine yet modern ethos, each product has been scientifically designed and tested to produce beauty tools that deliver remarkable results.

Accordingly, each stage of our product development is free from animal testing, because we are committed to making products that are completely cruelty free.

The superior composition and functionality of Fraicheur products allow for self-application that is truely soothing, restorative and intuitive, leaving users with a beautiful sensory experience like no other.

Fraicheur is the confidence you have when you glow, it is the lift, firm, sculpt, tone and brighten you have unlocked.

Feminine. Fabulous. Fraicheur.