Ice Globes The Secret To Stunning Skin

Facials will never be the same after you experience an Ice Globe Facial.

Never before have we been able to harness nature’s natural remedies for beautiful
healthy skin at home. Beauty pro’s know that ice is incredibly beneficial for de-puffing, calming and contouring skin, and now you can enjoy the benefits of an ice facial at home or at the salon.

The Benefits of Ice Globes
Encourages lymph flow and circulation for a brighter youthful look
Calms, cools and heals a variety of situations like rosacea, acne, pimples and blemishes.
Tightens the skin - it’s botox but without the needles!
Reduces the size of pores.
Suits sensitive skin.

What’s more, you can use Ice Globes to soothe headaches and stress
and refresh yourself if you find your energy slumping.

What Are Our Ice Globes Made Of?
Our ice globes are made using strong pyrex glass, which is filled with an antifreeze formula. They don’t collect condensation on the outside and are sturdy enough to last.

Learn How To Use Ice Globes
To find out more about how to use Ice Globes and how to perform an ice globe facial download the ebook below for a complete guide.