Incorporating the right facial massage techniques into your daily skincare routine can be the secret not only to improved radiance but to a firmer, wrinkle-free face.

What Is Lymphatic Massage technique?

Lymphatic drainage massages encourage the movement of lymph fluids around the body. It’s this fluid in the lymphatic system which assists in the removal of waste and toxins from the bodily tissues. However sometimes the lymph fluids build-up and that’s when we can become congested, puffy, and our complexion loses its glow.  A lymphatic ice facial is as relaxing and refreshing as any other facial with additional benefits such as, clear glowing skin, reduced puffiness and a lingering sensation of revitalisation.

Which type of ice globes should I use?

You can choose between two types of ice rollers:

1. Original ice globes made of gine glass and filled with antifreezing liquid

2. 100% quartz rollers made of gemstone

They both work the same and stay cold for all the time you need to perform facial massage.

How To Perform Lymphatic Massage?

To perform a lymphatic facial, you first need to refrigerate your ice globes for fifteen to twenty minutes. They should be clean and ready to use. Next. Get comfortable - take some deep breaths and relax. Gently apply some facial oil or moisturiser onto your face and decolletage using steady downward movements. Keeping your palms flat, and your fingers close together. 

Take your ice globes, position them at the top of the forehead, slightly touching together. And gently glide the ice globes in downward strokes across the forehead. Start in the centre of the forehead and move outwards; making two passes with the ice globes in each position. Repeat this technique along the temples, moving down to the outside of the nose, then outward, across the cheeks until you reach the jawline. Drawback into the centre of the chin and outward, then move to the neck and decolletage, using longer strokes as you have more space to work. Finally,relax and enjoy the sensation.


What is Skin Lifting Massage Technique?

Skin lifting facial massage stimulates the circulation of the blood towards the skin, and stimulates cell growth. It helps in the prevention of fine lines and new wrinkle formation, while at the same time helps in tightening the skin and making it nice and elastic again.

Should I store Fraîcheur Ice Globes in the freezer?

Absolutely! You should store your ice globes in the freezer or the fridge before using them. Let them chill for a while. If you like you can keep the ice globes all the time in the freezer, so they will be ready then you need them! You can store them with the whole packaging.

How To Perform Lymphatic Massage?

Begin your skin lifting massage by chilling or freezing your clean ice globes for fifteen to twenty minutes.  Next, apply oil or moisturiser to the face, décolletage, and chest bone area – using your fingertips and then the palm of your hand in downward movements.

Apply the ice globes to the centre of the chest bone, and then gently draw them out to the edge of the body, moving up the body with each new stroke. When you reach the neck and face, make smaller passes. Continue these movements up to the brow bone – working around the eyes.  And when you reach the brow bone, make small vertical movements along the brow bone and the forehead. You can repeat massaging steps for 2-3 times.



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